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Miriad Vertical Flow Technology

Cytodiagnostics rapid test development kits are ideal for customers who want to improve the development flow of a rapid test kit from inception to proof of concept stage in a research setting, and finally to a commercial product. 

Based on patented Rapid Vertical Flow Technology (MedMira Inc.), these products offer a comparable but faster alternative to common lateral flow based strategies.

Our Rapid Test Development Kits are supplied with off-the-shelf assembled components that can immediately be used for straightforward detection of both antibodies and antigens in a sample. No sourcing of additional hardware components is required.

As a researcher you only need to provide the capture antigen or antibody, sample to be tested, and in the case of antigen detection, a primary antibody that can be conjugated to our gold nanoparticles supplied with several of our kits.

Detection of an antibody in a sample can be done in four simple steps:

1. Spot your antigen
2. Let it dry  
3. Apply your sample
4. Detect by applying gold conjugate


If you are interested in Cytodiagnostics helping you with your assay development please contact us to discuss your project.