Bulk Manufacturing

Looking for a supplier of bulk quantities of gold nanoparticles?

Bulk Gold Nanoparticles

With 10+ years of experience manufacturing gold nanomaterials Cytodiagnostics is here to help. Our high-quality gold nanoparticles are used by countless researchers worldwide and has been for many years a trusted supplier to many of the largest distributors. 

What we offer:

  • Volume discounts & competitive pricing
  • Flexible lot sizes (1L-100+L)
  • Reserved lots 
  • Stringent quality control of every batch
  • Blanket orders and flexible delivery schedules
  • Custom surface chemistries and compositions to suit your needs
  • Custom gold conjugate production (i.e. conjugation of antibodies, F(ab) fragments, aptamers, peptides etc. to your gold nanoparticle choice).

Bulk quantities are available for both standard citrate-coated gold nanoparticles as well as our comprehensive product line of functionalized gold nanoparticles and our unique gold nanourchins product line. 

Our products has successfully been used in applications such as lateral flow, vertical flow, and LSPR-sensing platforms, among others. 

Please contact our customer service department today for more information, or to discuss your sourcing needs further. 

Custom Assay Development Services