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ELISAs are composed of the same basic elements:

1) Coating/capture of antigens to the surface of microplate wells.

2) Plate blocking – to bind and cover all of the unsaturated surface-binding sites of the microplate wells not occupied by the capture antibody/protein.

3) Detection – incubation with an antigen-specific antibody that will bind specifically to the antigen.

4) Measurement of the signal – the signal generated by the reporter enzyme conjugated to the detection antibody is measured on a microtiter plate reader. The most commonly used enzyme labels are horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and alkaline phosphatase (AP). The choice of substrate to be used depends upon the sensitivity required to detect the antigen of interest as well as the instrumentation available, i.e. spectrophotometer, fluorometer, etc.

Cytodiagnostics, Inc. offers high-quality and fully optimized ELISA kits and ELISA Reagents that allow you to reliably and consistently measure target-specific antibodies with confidence.  In addition to the ready-to-use ELISA format, services such as: lot reservation, bulk packaging and custom target development are available to provide convenience to assist with your research needs. 

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