Carboxyl Gold Nanorods

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Cytodiagnostics carboxyl functionalized gold nanorods have precisely engineered surface chemistry that enables coupling to various moieties that react with carboxylic acids.

One of the most popular applications of this interaction is EDC/NHS coupling. The EDC activates the carboxylic acid so that it can react with NHS and acquire new functionality.

The introduction of the NHS group then allows it to react with primary amines, which enables covalent coupling to proteins and antibodies with exposed amine-containing residues such as lysine. This permanent linkage has thus provided a gold nanoparticle label to the molecule in question and allows easier monitoring and localization within cells.

Cytodiagnostics carboxyl gold nanorods are available in 3 different aspect ratios, with absorption maxima of 650nm, 700nm or 770nm, and are also available with 2 different spacer lengths (3 kDa and 5 kDa). This provides the customer with the necessary tools fully optimize their experiment.