Miriad RVF Antibody Detection Kit (Gold NanoUrchins)

Kit Components

  • 10 Miriad™ test cartridges
  • 12 ml of universal buffer
  • 80nm Protein A Gold NanoUrchin Conjugate (2 ml, OD10)
  • Detailed product guide

To detect antibodies using this toolkit the selected antigen(s) can be spotted onto the nitrocellulose membrane encapsulated within the specially designed plastic test cartridge. 

When the sample is applied any antibodies against the immobilized antigens in the sample will form an antigen/antibody immuno-complex, which is detected through the use of the supplied Protein A-Gold NanoUrchin Conjugate which gives a blue spot upon positive detection.

Up to five antigens can be spotted onto one cartridge making this kit ideal for screening of antibody specificity. 

Multiplex Vertical Flow Assay

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