Lateral and Vertical Flow Gold Conjugates

At Cytodiagnostics, we recognize that a high-quality gold conjugate is critical in developing a reliable and effective lateral flow assay (LFA). LFAs rely on the interaction between the target analyte and the conjugate, where even minor inconsistencies can lead to compromised assay sensitivity and specificity. Whether you are conjugate proteins/antibodies or oligonucleotides/aptamers to gold, there are challenges to consider when looking to maximizing the loading efficiency and binding effectiveness.  

Protein Conjugation Challenges

Proteins must adsorb in the correct orientation and density without losing activity. Proteins can desorb, affecting the assay's reliability. Stable protein-gold bonds are critical. Maintaining the native state of the protein during and after the conjugation process is essential for the assay's functionality. Consistent conjugation processes are vital for reproducible assay performance across different batches.

Nucleic Acid Conjugation Challenges

Nucleic acids must maintain the correct spatial orientation to ensure target molecule accessibility. Nucleic acids must remain stable under a variety of thermal conditions and avoid degradation. Aggregation of gold nanoparticles can lead to false results; stable conjugates must resist aggregation. The linker chemistry must ensure stable and functional attachment without interfering with binding.

Aware of the critical nature of these components, we've developed a line of gold nanoparticle conjugation kits that assist with simplifying the conjugation steps by minimizing multistep protocols, controlling quality for reproducibility and yielding consistent batch-to-batch variability. 


Cytodiagnostics' gold nanoparticle conjugation kits offer:

    1. Streamlined Conjugation: Our kits are designed for ease of use, with protocols that minimize hands-on time and eliminate the need for extensive optimization.
    2. Customizability for Targeted Sensitivity: We offer a variety of kit options to cater to different assay requirements, including various sizes and surface chemistries of gold nanoparticles that can be matched to the specificities of your target analyte.
    3. Robust Performance: By prioritizing the quality of the conjugate, we ensure that the performance of your LFA is not compromised, delivering clear and decipherable results every time.
    4. Advanced Surface Chemistry: Our advanced surface chemistry options, such as OligoREADY™ and AptamerREADY™, allow for precise and efficient conjugation of nucleic acids to nanoparticles, expanding the possibilities for molecular diagnostics. 

Our Gold Nanoparticle Conjugation Kits for LFA Development

    1. Passive Adsorption Kits: Quickly and effectively adsorb antibodies and proteins to gold nanoparticles, making it ideal for rapid assay development.
    2. Covalent Conjugation Kits: Form stable and permanent attachments with antibodies, proteins, and oligonucleotides, ensuring long-term consistency in your assays.
    3. OligoREADY™ and AptamerREADY™ Kits: Directly attach oligonucleotides and aptamers to gold nanoparticles for high-fidelity molecular recognition.
    4. Custom Conjugation Services: Let our experts create conjugates tailored to your unique assay requirements.


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Technical Support

Our dedicated team of scientists is available to support you every step of the way, from kit selection to optimization of your assay conditions. Contact Us to learn more!