Transferrin - 15nm Gold Conjugate

Gold nanoparticle core size: 15nm

Absorbance (lambda max.): 520nm

Optical density: Available at OD=3 and OD=10, select in product options

Conjugated protein: Holo-Transferrin (from human serum)

Working dilution: 1:5-1:100

Supplied in: 1XPBS (pH 7.4), 20% glycerol (v/v), 1% BSA


Transferrin gold conjugates are suitable for use in cell uptake studies and can be detected using light microscopy (requires silver enhancement), darkfield microscopy, and electron microscopy. 

Features of Transferrin Gold Conjugates

  • Readily taken up by cells through endocytosis
  • Provides a permanent label


  • Store undiluted in storage buffer at 2-8 degree Celsius. Stable for 4 months if stored as specified.
  • Storage of conjugate at working dilution may result in performance loss.