Miriad RVF Antigen Detection Kit (Gold NanoUrchins)

 Kit Components

  • 10 Miriad™ test cartridges
  • 12 ml of universal buffer
  • Lyophilized 80nm Gold NanoUrchins (for conjugation to your primary antibody)
  • Protein Resuspension Buffer
  • Reaction Buffer
  • Quencher
  • Detailed product guide with conjugation and assay procedures

Required reagents not included in kit

  • Primary antibody/antibodies - For antigen capture on the membrane and conjugation to gold nanoparticles (detection probe).

Assay Principle

To detect an antigen using this toolkit a primary antibody is spotted onto the nitrocellulose membrane encapsulated within the specially designed plastic test cartridge. 

When the sample is applied to the cartridge any antigen present will bind to the capture antibody immobilized on the membrane. This binding event is subsequently detected by the formation of a sandwich through the binding of a Gold NanoUrchin conjugated primary antibody to the bound antigen. A positive sample will be indicated by the formation of a blue spot on the membrane, figure 1.

Vertical Flow Positive vs Negative Sample

Figure 1. Illustration of the appearance of the Miriad™ cartridge after applying a gold conjugate (conjugated to an antibody against the antigen of interest) when target is present (left) and not present in the sample (right).  

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