ELISA Stop Solution

Product overview

The ELISA Stop Solution is a ready-to-use liquid acidic solution suitable to stop TMB substrate- peroxidase reaction. This product is suitable for all endpoint ELISAs using a TMB substrate for colorimetric analysis. TMB substrates react with peroxidase, yielding a soluble blue reaction product. When the TMB-peroxidase reaction is stopped using Stop Solution, the chromogen changes from blue to yellow, and hence the absorbance from 620 nm to 450 nm.

Storage Condition

Can be stored for up to 3 months at 2-8 °C. For precautionary handling, refer to the safety data sheet.


  • Equilibrate the ELISA Stop Solution to room temperature (25°C) prior to use.
  • After the TMB substrate reaction until the desired intensity, add 50–100 µL stop solution to plate well.
  • Read absorbance at 450 nm within 10 minutes. For best results, sample absorbance should be monitored and stopped before values exceed 2.0 absorbance units.