ELISA High Bind Plates (5 plates/pkg)

Product overview

ELISA High Bind Plates (5 plates/pkg)

The High-bind 96-well strip plates come with 12 breakable strips of 8 wells arranged on a 12x8 frame. These plates are available in clear, white, and black formats made of polystyrene. They are suitable for colorimetric, luminescence, and fluorescence-based ELISA assays that require maximum biomolecule binding on the plate surface during the coating process. Choosing the appropriate well plates for biomolecule adsorption requires an understanding of the molecule’s chemical structure to influence its interaction with the well surface. The high binding surface of the 96-well strip plates is hydrophilic, making it suitable for the passive adsorption of proteins with different degrees of hydrophilicity. This surface is particularly well-suited for immunoassays, boasting a binding capacity of 400 to 500 ng IgG/cm2. The strips are designed to fit into the frame in a single orientation, eliminating the risk of misorientation, while the inner bottom of the wells features a radius edge to enhance washing efficiency.

Black plates are typically recommended for fluorescence assays that involve fluorophores with short half-lives, as they help minimize background noise and enhance signal detection. White microplates are useful in biochemical immune luminescence assays, designed to improve the detection of luminescent signals and enable sensitive and accurate measurements in immunoassays. White plates often yield amplified raw signals due to their maximum light reflection properties. Black plates, on the other hand, produce subdued raw signals owing to their light-quenching characteristics. Moreover, black plates can offer advantages in specific situations, particularly when reducing crosstalk is crucial for enhancing sensitivity.


  • 96-well breakable strip 12x8 plates

  • High binding Elisa plate: has higher adsorption for antibody and antigens with a molecular weight greater than >30 kDa
  • Uniform thickness and no distortion at the bottom
  • Negligible intra-batch and inter-batch variation
  • RNase/DNase Free
  • Volume Working: 300 - 400ul, Flat bottom
  • Material: High Purity Polystyrene (PS)
  • Conforms to ANSI-SBS Standard