ELISA Coating Buffer

Product overview

Sterile filtered (1x) carbonate/bicarbonate buffer composed to maximize adsorption of antibodies onto ELISA. During the plate coating process, the salt and pH buffering condition provided by the ELISA Coating Buffer effectively immobilizes antigens or antibodies to the surface of the microplate that maintains the solubility and conformational integrity of the protein. This buffer contains no preservatives.

Storage Condition

Store for up to 3 months at 2-8 °C when handled aseptically. No special shipping conditions or precautions are required.


  • Dilute the antibody into the coating buffer. Optimal coating concentration to be investigated by the user.
  • Properly mix the solution and add 50-200 µL in each well of the microplate, preferably a high-bind polystyrene microtiter plate.
  • Once added, incubate the coating solution from 8-24 hours at room temperature protected from light. Minimize evaporation by individually covering the plate with an adhesive sealer.
  • After coating, aspirate the coating solution, wash wells 2-3 times with the (1x) ELISA Wash Buffer (SKU: EL-C2), and proceed with the blocking step with the ELISA Stabilizer and Blocking Solution (SKU: EL-C1).