Amine Gold Nanorods (amine-PEG5000-SH), 25nm diameter, absorption max 650nm

Core dimensions: 60nm x 27nm

Aspect ratio: 2.2

Longitudinal peak wavelength: 650nm

Transverse peak wavelength: 518nm

Functional group: amine terminated

Linker size: 5 kDa

Zeta potential: +4 mV

Optical density: 50

Formulation: Supplied in ddH2O



Our amine terminated gold nanorods are ideal for use in applications that require conjugation of proteins or other ligand to the nanorod surface.. 

Cytodiagnostics PEGylated gold nanorods are extensively purified after synthesis which reduces contaminants from manufacturing that might interfere with sensitive downstream applications.

UV-VIS absorption spectrum 650nm Gold NanoRods


This product should be stored at 4°C. If stored unopened and as specified, Cytodiagnostics amine terminated gold nanorods are stable for at least 6 months.