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Nucleic acid conjugation kits are specialized tools designed for attaching Oligonucleotides and Aptamers to gold nanoparticles.

This process is pivotal in the development of lateral flow assays (LFAs) that target specific genetic markers or molecular structures.

The utility of these kits lies in their ability to facilitate a stable and precise binding of nucleic acids to the nanoparticles. This precision is crucial for assays that depend on the accurate recognition and binding of specific nucleic acid sequences. In these assays, the correct orientation and presentation of the nucleic acids on the nanoparticle surface are vital for effective target detection.

Detailed below are the most commonly used Gold Nanoparticle and Gold NanoUrchin sizes and surface chemistries used in Oligonucleotide and Aptamer based Lateral Flow (Rapid Test) Assays. However, other nanoparticle sizes and surface chemistries may be more suitable for your assay. Please contact Customer Support for assay development support.

NOTE: These kits are to be used with either 5' or 3' Thiolated Oligonucleotides. It is important that all oligonucleotides are deprotected for proper conjugation with the OligoREADY and AptamerREADY conjugation kits. Please follow this guide if you require assistance.

Require assistance to develop your own assay, or optimize your current assay, please visit our affiliate organization, CytoGroup Inc. or:

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