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Cytodiagnostics Ni-NTA gold nanoparticles have precisely engineered surface chemistry consisting of a PEG spacer terminated with a nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) group chelated to a Ni2+ ion.

This specific functionality binds to His tags, which are a common modification added to the terminal end of proteins or antibodies, consisting of 6 sequential histidine residues.

The interaction between Ni-NTA and His tags enables many applications when coupled to our gold nanoparticles: preparation of gold conjugates, protein purification and isolation, cell localization and uptake studies, use in assays, and more.

Cytodiagnostics Ni-NTA gold nanoparticles are available in 12 different sizes ranging from 5nm – 100nm, are more than 95% spherical and have a uniform size distribution (CV <12%). Products are provided as suspensions at 50 OD.

For custom sizes, formulations or bulk quantities please contact our customer service department,