Universal Lateral Flow Assay Kit

Assay Kit Description

Cytodiagnostics Universal Lateral Flow Assay Kit is a convenient ready-to-use kit for quick and cost-effective development of a lateral flow dipstick assay for detection of proteins, antibodies and amplified DNA products. 

Detection of proteins: Requires the use of one biotinylated and one FITC-labelled antibody against the protein target to be detected.

Detection of amplified DNA product: Requires the use of a biotin and FITC-labelled primer during amplification.

Kit Components 

  • 25 Lateral Flow Dipsticks
  • 25 mL Sample Dilution Buffer
  • 2 x 1.5 mL Lateral Flow Assay Buffer

Features & Benefits

  • Can be used for development of a lateral flow assay for detection of a variety of different molecules such as proteins, antibodies and amplified DNA products from PCR, LAMP and RPA reactions.
  • No need to stripe capture antibodies
  • No expensive equipment required
  • Cost-effective way to screen multiple antibody pairs for further downstream lateral flow assay development. 


Store at 2-8° C. Stable for at least 3 months if stored as specified.

Product Safety and Handling

This product is for R&D use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures. Please review the safety data sheet (SDS) available online for proper safety and handling procedures.

Require assistance to develop your own assay, or optimize your current assay, please visit our affiliate organization, CytoGroup Inc. or:

Download: Lateral Flow Service Brochure

Download: Lateral Flow Product Brochure